Transparency In Supply Chains Statement

Transparency in Supply Chains Act & United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act Statement


The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB 657) and the United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act of 2015 require businesses to publicly disclose the steps they are taking to address modern slavery and human trafficking. These disclosures are intended to increase consumer awareness of manufacturer and retailer efforts to eliminate slavery, human trafficking and similar human rights violations from their supply chains. SJE is committed to ensuring that business is conducted with respect for human rights and in compliance with all applicable laws and fair labor practices.

Risk Assessment & Qualification

SJE, Inc., requires direct suppliers to adhere to SJE Code of Conduct which includes compliance to applicable laws regarding slavery and human trafficking.  The Supplier Qualification process requires a thorough review of supplier documentation and on-site audits prior to engaging in business with suppliers.  A supplier risk assessment is conducted before engaging in formal business relationship and may reject engaging with suppliers in high-risk categories including non-compliance to human rights laws and fair labor practices.

Accountability Standards and Procedures

The Supplier Management Process at SJE includes formal quarterly supplier reviews to actively evaluate and validate supplier compliance performance and allows for audits at any time. Additionally, regular supplier Risk Assessments are conducted through the year ensuring quality supplier conformance.


Employees are trained on the SJE Code of Conduct.  Annually training is provided on risk mitigation within the supply chain of products.